A collection of 
asemic annotations
A collection of my asemic notes, stories and voyages, including the Criminal Writing, Translating Paint,  Space, Technology and Conversation Notes. Included are some other non-sensical stand-alone pieces. (All works are for sale)
Spook Wear

What I do?

Why "Ferrets In My Head" ? When I am writing, it's like a bunch of ferrets on steroids running around in my head. The writing needs to get out and so I start with annotations, either structured or not, with meaning or without - that is up to the beholder.
I cover a lot of subjects in my work and just do what I love on a specific day. Some of my series are not completed and I often go back to specific subjects because I have more to say/write. Everyday objects, occurances sometimes project me back to specific styles or  themes and prove to me I am never really done with some of the work. Unexpected objects inspire me: puddles, rain, nature, paper... Some work  continually grows whilst some are definitely finished. The work on space is definitely deserves more exploration time. 
I am pleased that my work has been covered in some blogs, journals,  magazines and exhibitions (check out the " About " page) and hope to continue my work...until I am out of words... which means never,
I love what I do. (release the ferrets!)
  • Arts graduate (Hon) from The Australian National University (Canberra) and Monash University (Melbourne), Australia . 
  • Degree in fine Arts from The Stedelijke Kunst Akademy, Belgium
  • Degree in Music from the Stedelijke Muziek Akademie, Belgium
  • A Publishing Professional for 20+ years
  • Any correspondence about inclusion in exhibitions and printed or online journalsis welcome as are requests for bespoke work of any size.
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